Let's speak French!

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"My colleagues told me that I hardly have an accent anymore".

"I finally dare to speak French in everyday situations".

"Now I speak French much more fluently".

What about you? What will you say after a few lessons with me?


Living in Brussels without speaking French is possible. But let's face it, it's not easy every day. Going to the Commune, ordering at the restaurant, joining the gym, meeting friends... Everything is easier when you speak French!

Let's make it possible for you too!

❌ You've taken lessons but you're still a bit afraid to speak?
❌ You use your French app every day but it's not enough?
❌ You don't have time to go to evening classes anymore?

How about trying
something new?

Parlement européen

The Belgian French speaking club, another solution to learn French !

My name is Marie-Ange Hottelet. I graduated from the University of Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle and I have been teaching French as a foreign language since 2007. I created the Belgian French speaking club, an online course for A2 levels and above who want to practice French in a friendly atmosphere. Results guaranteed!

When I created the Belgian French speaking club, I had in mind the demanding expats I have met in almost 15 years of experience, those who have a
dynamic life and who want quick results!

You want to
progress quickly? You don't have time to go to a language school because you work or travel a lot? The club is definitely for you!

With the Belgian French speaking Club, you will :

✅ develop your
vocabulary in everyday conversations
forget your fear of speaking
✅ improve your
grammar and pronunciation
✅ meet other expats who are discovering Belgium
✅ motivate yourself to
practice French every day

How does it work?

➡️ You choose your schedule and your subscription : Light or Expert.
➡️ You choose the duration of your subscription: one month, three months or six months.
➡️ You receive the invitation to the online space and the link to the Zoom meeting.
➡️ You participate in the workshop on Zoom with other super-motivated students!
➡️ You receive the course materials and my virtual board.
➡️ You continue to practice whenever you want with all the club members.

If you choose the Expert package, you get
30 minutes of exclusive coaching in 1/1 every week to work on your personal difficulties!

How much does it cost?


The Belgian French speaking club is available  from 48€/month, or 12€/hour.


Convinced that this programme is for you? We are already waiting for you!

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