Frequently Asked Questions

Who am I ?

My name is Marie-Ange, I am 34 years old and I am a French teacher. I am passionate about my job; I particularly like to work on conversation, grammar and pronunciation. I love learning languages; I speak English and Italian. I am an enthusiastic and independent person. I love traveling, hiking, and I love cinema and literature.

What is my background?

I obtained my first diploma as a teacher of French and French as a foreign language in 2007 and I quickly gave lessons to adults who did not speak French. In 2011, I obtained a bachelor's degree in linguistics and in 2013, I obtained a master's degree in French teaching at the University of Paris 3.

I worked in different schools and training centres and I ran a small school in Belgium from 2017 to 2019. In the fall of 2020, I decided to create my online course centre Bruxelles, j'arrive! and in May 2021, this project was finally launched!

My detailed resume is available at this address

Why “Bruxelles, j'arrive! "?

So far, I have spent two stays abroad and I realized, by living it by myself, how speaking the language of the country could transform an expat experience. Passionate about my profession as a teacher but also wanting independence, I decided to create my own online course program which allows expatriates living in Belgium to learn my language and to discover Belgian culture.

What course offers “Bruxelles, j'arrive!"?

Bruxelles, j'arrive! offers three types of course: group lessons for beginners, conversation workshops for people who want to practice oral French and private, tailor-made lessons. All courses are given online.

Why are conversation workshops unique?

Conversation workshops allow you to communicate with other students, in small groups, but at the same time they are completely flexible.
Each student takes a subscription which he can interrupt when he wishes. Each week, workshops are offered at different times and with different topics. The student just has to register for the workshop he prefers. Simple, efficient and flexible!

How to know its level?

For now, Bruxelles, j'arrive! does not offer online test to find out one's level. However, it is possible to request a free appointment to talk about your level and your needs by following this link .

How to register ?

It is possible to register online on the site by following this link.

Before registering, it is possible to request a free appointment to talk about your level and your needs.

How much does it cost ?

The price of private lessons varies between 25 and 35 € depending on the number of hours followed.
Conversation workshops have a base price of € 18 / one-and-a-half-hour session, or € 12 / hour.
Group lessons are the cheapest option. The basic price for a 36-hour course pack is € 325, or € 9 / hour.

How many people are there per group?

The number of students for group lessons is 3 to 10 people.
For conversation workshops, groups have 3 to 8 participants.

When does the next session start?

Group lessons and conversation workshops are given all year round; it is possible to start or stop lessons at any time of the year.
Group lessons start every month. The next session starts on 1st June, 2021.

What are the conditions of sale?

You can find the conditions of sale at the following address.