A more fluent French thanks to phonetics

You have an advanced level but you don't like your way of speaking? Do you feel like you're talking like a robot?  Want to talk faster?

My students too

Many of them tell me thatthey do not lovetheir way of speaking.

That French is the only language in whichthey don't arriveto speak quickly.

That despite their advanced level, their expression remains "robotics".

That when they listen to natives, it soundsdifferently.

That they are frustrated when they speak French because it's notnatural.

Do you recognize yourself?

Are you also frustrated by the way you speak despite an advanced level and a (very) good understanding? You may have tried to work on this on your own, to observe French speakers, but observation has its limits.  You may have spoken to your native friends about it, but nobody can explain to you. You may even have considered taking French lessons again. But resuming classes costs money and time.

What if I told you that the solution lies in phonetics?

Imagine this super power! Express your thoughts fluently?

No longer "sound" differently? Upgrade your oral French and even your comprehension? Find out what you didn't learn in school?

I'm not talking to you about working on the pronunciation of theyear, fromroraFrench.

I'm not talking about erasing your accent either. You can improve your fluency and speaking speed without losing your accent (unless you don't want to keep it).native speaker.

No. On the other hand, with my training, you will finally be able to understand the phenomena that make the melody, the rhythm of French and thus improve:

  • your speed;

  • your fluidity;

  • your general pronunciation.


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Fast, autonomous and efficient

The Speed Up!

Quickly! this is the training that will allow you, in just 5 weeks, to:

  • Understand how speakreallyFrench speakers

  • Make your French toofluidthan the other languages you speak

  • ​ Being morecomfortable when you talk (e.g. at work or in a meeting)

  • Forget thefrustrationto speak too slowly

  • talk way moreauthentic

In practice

  • 5 weeks of autonomous and interactive training onthe free CANVAS app:

    • Week 1:Play with intonation

    • Week 2:Links and language levels

    • Week 3:Chains and hesitation

    • Week 4:The unpronounced e and its consequences

    • Week 5:Ellipses (or how to get less tired by deleting words)

  • Authentic documents

  • Original and innovative exercises

- to do alone

- to send me for feedback

  • Two group Lives on Zoom where I answer all your questions

The training is delivered week by week from December 1, 2022 and remains accessible for one year.

Please note that this training is notnotfor you if:

🚷 If you have a level below B2.

🚷 If you are looking for a conversation class.

🚷 If you're not ready to invest in your learning.

Quickly!this is the training for those who want to take their French to the next level!

A group phonetics course in an Institute or in a school would cost youseveral hundred euros and make you passmany hours in classin Paris or Brussels.


WithQuickly!, I suggest you invest yourself for 5 weeks, one to two hours a week,at your own pace, when you want, where you want. The training is accessible on your computer, your tablet or your phone.


Quickly!will be in beta testing foronly 5 participantsin 2022at the preferential price of 99€.We start on December 1!

Bonus #1:

A capsule to discover the main French accents.

Bonus #2:

A 45 minute session with meFREE to the first registrant.

En vitesse cover (1280 × 600 px)(3)_edited.png