Why this holiday notebook?

This vacation book is there to help you learn French, even on vacation! If you're afraid of forgetting French or getting demotivated this summer, then this notebook is for you!


How to use it?

The notebook is 16 pages. It contains :

  • a challenge tracker to put French in your life,

  • an agenda to organize your learning,

  • 6 expression or vocabulary activities,

  • a dictionary space for new words.

You can print the holiday notebook (black & white version) or complete it on the screen.


What level is it for?

The holiday notebook can be used from level B1.

How much does it cost?

The notebook is available in two versions:

  • an autonomous version at 4€90 (correction of lexical activities and games in the notebook)

  • a pro version at 11€90 (personalized correction of expression activities by e-mail)

Cahier de vacances.png