Conversation workshops

Accessible from level A2 + / B1

Learning French is good. Dare to speak it is better!

Many of my students regret their lack of practice and do not dare to speak up in everyday situations. Our conversation workshops allow you to practice together for an hour, once or twice a week while continuing to learn.
A unique subscription plan to offer maximum flexibility!

How does it work ?



A free workshop is offered before any subscription in order to test the service and verify that it meets the student's expectations.



The workshops have a monthly subscription. The €48-subscription gives access to a one-hour workshop each week, the €-80 subscription offers two workshops per week. The workshops are independent from each other, so it is possible to register, pause or unsubscribe at any time of the year.


Choose your workshop

Each week, at least three workshops are offered: one in the morning, one in lunchtime or in the afternoon, one in the evening. The themes vary each week. Subscribers register for the workshop of their choice up to 2 hours before the start of it.


Join the workshop

During the workshop, subscribers take part in reception, production and oral interaction activities, in pairs, in small groups, with the teacher or with all the participants.


Go further

Subscribers receive a worksheet after the workshop, a summary sheet of a grammatical or lexical aspect worked on and for those who wish to go further, in-depth activities